Understanding your Finances

We can help to develop a budget to determine how much you can afford to invest. This will help you to avoid overextending yourself financially. We know you are excited to upgrade or invest in another property, but our aim is to always proceed prudently.

Determine your investment goals

Are you looking to generate passive income through rental, or are you interested in selling for a quick profit after 3 years? Your goals will influence the types of properties you invest in and the strategies you use. We will advise and recommend properties based on your needs.

Thorough research and market insights

With your goals in mind, we will conduct research and identify suitable properties in the market. You can then proceed with confidence and peace of mind, knowing that you have made an informed decision based on a solid understanding of the investment opportunity.

What is Asset Progression

Asset progression involves upgrading or improving the value of your owned assets. For many, this comes down to the properties they own. A common example might be using existing property as a springboard to purchase a larger property.

As a general rule of thumb, most properties will appreciate in value with time and care, and so investing in property can be extremely lucrative and can be used as a means to help improve your net worth. This is why I can help. I have the ability to help you build the perfect property portfolio.

Factors to Consider

When it comes to asset progression, there are a number of factors to consider. One of the most important is that you need to have professional guidance and support as well as a commitment to investing.

Having someone to back you and support your asset progression can prove to be a huge benefit. Indeed, in many cases, meticulous planning is often required for asset progression to be successful, and to this end, long term goals are critical. In fact, many people will opt to use a 5-year plan to help them measure success and set goals to aim towards.


The End Goal

Ultimately, the end goal of asset progression is to grow your net worth through property ownership, buying and selling and increasing the amount of capital or assets you have. Holding onto assets in the form of property is a secure way to grow money due to the appreciation value that is associated with property.

It’s unlikely to lose money with property ownership, providing you buy the right properties at the right time. If that sounds like something you’d like to get involved with, contact me today to help guide you through each step. If I can do it, growing my own portfolio from the ground up, then so can you!

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what client says

Li Jia demonstrated an exceptional level of professionalism,and dedication, and expertise in the real estate industry.

Throughout the entire process of buying my first home, he provided me with valuable insights, advice, and guidance that helped me make informed decisions. He was always patient with my viewing requests and is always available to answer my questions, address my concerns, and provide timely updates on the status of my search.

His attention to detail, negotiating skills, and vast network of industry contacts were instrumental in finding the perfect property that met all my needs and preferences.

I am glad that I have Li Jia as my agent. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a reliable, knowledgeable, and trustworthy property agent. His exceptional service and commitment to excellence truly set him apart from the agent that I have came across.

Liu Jia Jun


“Before Li Jia assisted me with my property matters, I would have never imagined that a flawless simultaneous selling-and-buying transaction could be possible. For the longest time, I had considered upgrading to a bigger unit but was always too concerned about having to first lease a temporary place before I can secure my next ideal home. With Li Jia’s help and advice, I managed to clinch a very competitive sale price for my unit and at the same time secured myself an attractive new home. Li Jia was definitely the most proactive and strategic in ensuring that the timelines of both transactions matched perfectly. Most importantly, he did all these without compromising on garnering the best deal for his client! All in all, it was indeed a pleasure dealing with Li Jia both as a seller’s and a buyer’s agent. Throughout the entire course, he was very transparent in sharing his approach and was not rash in sealing deals out of personal gains. Above all, he understands that every transaction is unique hence he tailors his practice to the bespoke needs of his client. I truly enjoyed the process with Li Jia and would highly recommend him to help you with your property needs.”

Gerard Man

Buyer and Seller

“Lijia is our trusted agent who will give very fair and pragmatic advice. He will weigh the pros and cons before any recommendation.

I am very happy to have gotten to know him from a showroom, which eventually became our agent.

Lijia is more like a friend than an agent. He puts himself into our shoes and advises us the best way forward.

I would definitely recommend him to our friends or family who are in need of an agent.”

Allan and Jess


“It was a such a breeze and pleasent experience having Lijia help to sell our place. As first time sellers, he highlighted potential pitfalls and assisted us with all our novice questions which made the process really smooth. He went above and beyond to drop reminders and even assisted us to recommend bankers and lawyers. Would definitely recommend him to our friends!”

Wesley and Carene


LiJia is a patient and genuine person to work with on the search for the next property. He is a professional that is both resourceful in terms of seeking out good bargains as well as knowledgeable on the financing aspects. He has a knack for defining and conveying the process of property transactions in a very clear and transparent way, making me feel very secured on every step of the deal. He is someone whom i can depend on for my future endeavors in the property market.

Perry Teo


Li Jia is genuinely keen to understand your home buying story and journey. He listens to your needs, challenges and is honest in sharing his perspectives. His experience at the bank allowed him to simplify policies and connect you with the right people. With Li Jia, you know you’ll always have less things to worry about. It was an absolute pleasure to have transacted with Li Jia, he made it an enjoyable and stress-free one as we relocate back to Singapore.



I would like to express my appreciation to Li Jia and his team for assisting in the sale of my property. Li Jia is a professional and easily sold my property with minimal work done on my end. He is great at listening and understanding people’s needs and wants. He gives great advice and suggestions. He is also an honest person, informing me the pros and cons of my decisions. He even updated me daily on the sale of my property. I am fully satisfied with the dedication from Li Jia and his team. I trust in his abilities and hope he does well in his future endeavors.

Kar Hoe



Have you ever found yourself wondering about the different options available when buying or selling a home to minimize stamp duty? Decoupling is just one such solution that you could potentially consider – and as your number one friendly expert, I’m on hand to help with this!

1. What is Decoupling?

Decoupling is a professional process whereby a property that’s in joint ownership has one of the joint owners’ names removed. This allows the removed party to proceed to purchase additional properties without incurring further stamp duties as the buyer – significantly reducing the amount of tax paid on a property purchase.

There are numerous different scenarios that can influence whether decoupling is a suitable process for your needs. I will be able to advise on whether this is the right strategy for your own house buying or house selling needs.

2. How Long is the Decoupling Process?

Decoupling is a relatively quick process, but you’ll need to allow approximately 6 to 8 weeks for the entire change to be fully realized.

The cost of legal fees will vary for a decoupling case; however, if you choose a cost-effective law firm, you’ll usually be looking at approximately $6000 in fees.

4. When Can I Commit to a New Purchase Without Implication by ABSD?

Once you have signed the necessary S&P documentation, which usually occurs at your first law firm visit, you’ll be able to commit to a new purchase without ABSD implications. As such, if you need to commit quickly, it’s advisable to contact your local advisors as soon as possible to ensure that everything’s ready and in place for you to sign.

However, don’t rush into a decoupling agreement. You’ll need to fully understand the process before you take this huge step since decoupling is such a massive change for many people, and it may not always be right for everyone.

Contact Me

If you’d like to find out more about the decoupling process and how it works, or how it might be valuable for your scenario, please feel free to contact me today!