A Passion for Real Estate

Real Estate with Li Jia

I am Li Jia, once a mortgage banker with UOB for more than 7 years. My previous role required me to work closely with home buyers, bank internal departments and property agents. In 2019, despite having a stable income, I took the leap of faith and join the real estate industry. It was a steep learning curve as it is unlike what it is in a corporate world. It was a grueling start, but with hard work (road shows, door knocks) and connections I had accumulated over the years, I am proud to achieve close to $400,000 in commissions within my first 6 months. I am also extremely honored to be interviewed by Mr Ismail, CEO of Propnex, it is truly an unforgettable experience.

From then on, I also walk the talk and proceed with my own asset progression. I went on to purchase my matrimonial home, a brand new 3 bedder condominium in Tampines. At the same time, I am looking to purchase another residential private property in D15 without incurring any Additional Buyer Stamp Duty.

I have grew up in a HDB all my life. Today, I am proud to be an owner of a private property. I hope that my journey is able to inspire homeowners who wish to upgrade and achieve their dream home.

A Passion for Real Estate

Real Estate with Li Jia

Real estate is my passion, and this stems from my unique (and somewhat dramatic) entrance into the field. Indeed, taking a leap of faith, my turbulent entrance allowed me to rapidly grow my career, gaining a super platinum award with over $250,000 in commissions in less than half a year.

I’ve never looked back ever since, and over the years, I’ve put my all into developing the boldest approach to real estate possible. This largely comes from my background as someone who has always lived in an HDB; as such, I’m immensely proud of growing to own a portfolio of properties, and I am continually pushing for new opportunities as a result.

If you are looking for a new way to grow your own property portfolio, too, look no further. If I can do it, you can too – and I’ll be there every step of the way to make sure you get the best solutions for your home ownership dreams, no matter what.

More Than Just the Numbers

For me, successful real estate is about more than just the numbers and the awards. I am proud to walk hand-in-hand with my clients for all of their house buying and selling requirements, which I never compromise on. After all, I want to do more than just sell your house. I’m here to build a strong relationship with you for the long-term perspective, and I’ll never leave that to chance.

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